Forestry Roading

Seger has extensive experience working on projects within the forests of the central North Island. Working within forestry presents many challenges. Therefore, health and safety, or more specifically zero harm for all stakeholders, is our main priority. We’re proud to count the leading New Zealand Forestry Companies as our long term clients.

Construction and Maintenance

We have been constructing new forestry roads, skid sites and hauler pads together with upgrading
and maintaining existing roads for over a decade. We offer vertical supply chain, supplying aggregate from our own quarries through to cartage and road construction.

Culverts and Drainage

We provide a range of forestry drainage services. Our experienced staff offer a depth of expertise in
all drainage aspects including culvert installation together with the appropriate environmental

Mechanised Land Preparation

We are helping prepare land to improve potential tree growth, survival, and uniformity of
establishing crops via mechanical raking, mulching, blading and windrowing.