Civil Works

Our varied & accomplished teams work across the Central North Island building infrastructure that brings people together.

Skateparks, Basketball Courts & BMX Tracks

We construct skateparks, basketball courts and BMX tracks for local communities. We have an impressive history of delivering complete projects, including field renewals, playgrounds and sporting facilities across the North Island.

Maintenance & Renewals

We construct, maintain and improve walking and cycling connections, carparks, playgrounds and recreational spaces. We have extensive experience with this type of infrastructure with examples in Auckland, Tauranga and Rotorua.

Culverts & Drainage

We construct bridges and culverts for local councils to improve community spaces and infrastructure. We work closely with the Principal to ensure seamless and safe completion of projects.

Retaining Walls & Earthworks

We construct retaining walls and conduct earthworks for site preparation, subdivisions and community spaces.


We construct vibrant streetscapes including public paths, seating and rubbish disposal to improve the look and usability of our cities for everyone.


We create beautiful spaces for local councils while considering the land, tress and vegetation and environmental management.