Waterview Northern Skatepark

Scope of Works

  • 1m2 samples of concrete finishes including an expansion joint and a free (sawcut) joint.
  • finish quality of transitions, copings and angle edging.
  • Final trim and compaction of Basecourse
  • Excavation / filling for skate able features and retaining structures
  • Excavation for local concrete thickenings
  • Boxing (smooth curves and transitions were critical)
  • Supply and Install of all reinforcing required
  • Supply and install of all coping and rails. Note that locations, levels and smooth curves of copings and rails were critical
  • Supply & Placement of concrete with different oxide finishes and staining as specified on the drawings.
  • Slump tests and Strength tests
  • Curing of concrete.
  • All free, tied and expansion joints.
  • All street furniture, handrails, fencing and balustrades within the skatepark footprint
  • Supply and install of specified catchpit and manhole lids / grates to final line and level
  • Basalt placement within the skatepark footprint

Quick Facts

  • Client: Well-Connected Alliance
  • Location: Waterview Auckland
  • Duration: April 2016 – October 2016